I believe in

having empathy. — Truly understand the needs of others and design for what they need, not what you assume they need. Design must be guided by research and process for people to be able to connect with it. Eliminate all preconceived notions and allow yourself to understand the perspectives of others. Strive to get it fundamentally right.

keeping things simple. — Embrace simplicity in every aspect. Strip design down to the bone to understand its elementary purpose and achieve maximum clarity. A beautiful design has not succeeded if it is too complex to be understood.

being adaptable. — Design is not separate from the rest of the world. Societal changes should influence design thinking. Do not stay in your homogenized bubble. Allow yourself to be influenced by the world around you. The more people, designers and non-designers alike, that you connect with, the more you will grow and adapt.

making room. Diverse perspectives bring a rich uniqueness to the table. Use the privilege that you have to make room for those who should already have a seat at the table. Lend them your seat if need be. Better yet, bring an extra chair.